Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The wrong way(more of the same)

This is the first thing I have written on a machine that was not connected to the internet in quite some time. In fact, it is the first thing I have written FOR MYSELF in quite some time.

What is the relationship?

If I was wired, I would most likely be... what was I going to do again? I think I was about to update my facebook status, perhaps even my twitter status to: "I belong in a Cafe..."

Because at the moment I am sitting in a cafe I like, thinking, writing and feeling for the first time in quite awhile. I always feel this way when I am cut off.
So I'm writing writing this paper on native Tlingit being and place as understood through stick-based gambling games. These guys sat there in the woods, played for hours and hours and believed in the superstition that surrounded them. They were THERE, yet in a fictional world inhabited and influenced by spirits. Today: kids sit for hours doing the same, just indoors(?) Where the hell are we? How has the internet partitioned or accelerated my sense of place in time? Well..not much at the moment, actually.

Hence the fondness for cafes without wifi.

Hold up: overheard discussion between two rabbi's and cafe owner:
*reference to superbowl ads, joking and commentary on godaddy.com spokeswoman.*

One 'rabbi': hey did you see the Hulu.com ad, they just came right out there and played off the brains-to-mush thing! They admitted it! Said you could check it on your computer if your tv didn't work!

*Long silence.*

Owner of cafe, standing, looking out window: "We're going the wrong way, guys."

Couldn't agree more, bro. Thanks for the concrete.

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