Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Melon Balls

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I think that advertisement producers are smart guys. Self-aware, cynical, critical... it's their job to understand how media and human cognition work.

So in a move to grab viewer attention and explain an entirely new product to AMERICA in thirty seconds... they told the truth? Sarcastically? Human mental vegetation will increase due to this product, and they jokingly advertise it as doing so...

OR, hulu.com will allow people to watch what they want, cutting out captive viewing (being forced to watch shows you don't like) while increasing enjoyment and thus stimulating/economizing thought during media consumption.

OR, they used the popular theme of T.V.'s "brain melting" capability without being aware of the real threat posed by their new methods of communicative saturation.


I think they knew what they were saying, and I think that this half-step toward corporate reflexive criticism or self reference in advertising might be a very, very positive thing.

Or just been the best way to humorously explain new tech.

Compare this new brand of honesty, for interests sake, with the MANIPULATIONS at work in this bay area news broadcast. Fatez looked the guy up, his avatar is nothing, the dude is terrible and he sounds like an idiot. The entire thing is concocted to make ignorant people go LOL in the face of misrepresented new media.



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