Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reporting Live

From the front lines of the change we all saw coming, but never felt. They're going to try to blind you, to steer you to buy more, watch more, crave more and sell more of yourself than nature ever asked. It's called entertainment, engagement, virality.

It's really just a distraction. Today I went to their mecca, the headquarters of digital illusion and derangement and witnessed a generation of far-removed air traffic controllers attempt to party. Sad, awkward, insincere. We pretend to have something to party for. Go win a war. Go survive a tsunami. You clap for the iPad 2 and thank them for distracting you with dollars.

Things are going to get a lot worse. I've been working on the edge of it and I should tell you that the tools I feared, exist. The methods I imagined are now retweeted keynotes. The ability to drive masses of individuals to act in controlled, predictable, profitable patterns is being tweaked and perfected every hour, every day, with every fervently ignored breath they allow.

So what can we do? Steel up. Go through the chemical motions of sincere vitality as often as you can. Ignore your own facebook. Look at those who exist around you, try your best to accept that they are real and just as valuable as you could ever be. We pretend to connect with more people using their feed pipes. Connection is energetically, chemically and fundamentally impossible without being in the same "place." Not pysical, not necesarily. Place is solely the product of intention, attention and sincerity. They steal this from us. They take it out of our hands and smear it over their needless products in attempts to solidify their own advantage over the populace. Forgive them.

Fight back. Their illusions and trinkets might satiate in that instant, that 99 cent impulse.

But it won't fill you up.

Only you can.

It takes a lot of humility, complete acceptance and an infinite amount of appreciation.


The computers will never get it.

Lucky them.