Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Brought up hosting a Live Action Role-Playing Game as a possible side "experiment" for the class to carry out today. Also ran across a documentary on the hobby directed by Christopher Pleass that presents the obscure practise in a reasonable, positive light. In fact, I now think that adults rediscovering meaningless, childish "play" is not only interesting, but increasingly necessary in our hectic world.

An interviewed LARP'er discusses his fear that future online-games will dominate the role-playing hobby market, driving live-action into further obscurity.

With my concerns about the addictive, anti-corporeal nature of MMORPG's, I must say I am interested in trying, well, "play." Outdoors. With rubber swords. I think I'd be a minotaur.

How many of you would come to a tournament if I organized it? How many of you are laughing?

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Zsuzsa said...

i am new to your blog but i def find it refreshing

comment on LARPing: i'd come & play
comment on Ireland video: it's great documentation and i like what you did with the editing. it did not play all the way through but some of the things and issues discussed were really informative and new information to me; i commend you for doing this