Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Final Proposal Reactions

We are being stonewalled by the Engineering Dept, but I just hit them with this 10 page experiment proposal that should silence the naysayers.

Quote from the SysAdmin:

"At this point, I cannot say whether this will work out or not. Any of the following could stop it:

* Policy decision that this will be too much of an intrusion/distraction/resource drag in our lab.
* Finding that it takes too much of my team's time to set it up (technical difficulties).
* Thayer School students finding it too disruptive (we'd have to ask you to stop)."

I mean i get where the guy is coming from. But, warhammer is pretty damn easy to install, the kids in the lab aren't going to stop their homework just because we're playing, and they have more than enough space. Its interesting that our department is currently guerrilla in nature; they can tell us to f*ck off without having to answer to anyone.

However, 2 years ago this discussion wouldn't even take place. "Games? Get the hell out of here kid."
But I'm in the gaming lab right now. Sure its an empty room (a few bookshelves and a coffee table) but we're here. I just might be jumping the gun with the warjammers.blogspot thing.

Interestingly the same guy said at the beginning of the letter:

"Thank you for sending this proposal. I am impressed by your concept, by your ideas, and by your ambitious goals."

Cool, thanks SysAdmin, now let us use 6 of your 50+ computers for a few nights a week.

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