Saturday, June 4, 2011


We're trying to figure out what to do with augmented reality, how to build it "right".

The business guys realize how much desire we can build with it. They see dollar signs. I mean I could surround you in a whole arrangement of things you'd want to pay money for. Women, merchandise, pokemon. These are the applications that companies are trying to build and perfect. Desire builders.

Throughout history a few noteworthy individuals have stood up and made some pretty compelling arguments against desire, attachment and past/future wanting. Hindus, Buddhists, even christ himself would have called our digital distractions, simply that. Demonic.

So I have to wonder if there's an augmented reality that doesn't try to augment anything. Can we use this technology to help the user BE HERE NOW, or will we only sell suffering through distraction?

Perhaps if we can tell the user more about their world, more about their surroundings. If we can help them play music, share art, contact loved ones. If we can keep the games we build simply games, and steer away from... steering away, then some day people will look back at augmented reality as a spiritual art form and not a pornographic representation of humanity's mislead dis-satisfaction with the here and now.