Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mobile Marketing, Coincidence Farming and Artificial Intelligence: AR predictions for 2011:

2011 = more people doing more things in more places with their smartphones. Buying things. Finding things. All of these actions will be recorded, analyzed. Used to build what we at metaio will call “coincidences”.

Placetracking applications like foursquare, gowalla, junaio and facebook places will have amassed pools of user data (where, when, how and with whom their users do things) large enough to begin making intelligent suggestions that change the course of our daily lives in different ways. "Go check out this gallery opening," or, "Visit Wal-Mart for 75% off Fishsticks and earn 10 points!" It’s our responsibility to keep these suggestions as “positive” as possible.

Good luck defining “positive”.

As this mobile advice gets better and better, we will listen to it more and more, responding in increasingly complicated ways. Thus the pooling of our intelligence (checkins, user ratings, maps) will begin to respond intelligently itself in real time, to us. Some will call this “artificial intelligence” and fear it, missing the point altogether. See, in 2011 we will begin to take the intelligences we have pooled within the internet and deploy them over the real world as an augmented, living structure which we can read, manipulate and continually improve; Inhabitable, architected structures which process the world in real time.

In 2011 we will begin to develop The Intelligent Edifice.


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