Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mediated Holograms

I am now working for a company that sells software tools which allow artists/architects/computer wielding humans to build applications in which a viewer to led to see 3D illusions in their world. The objects are not really there, but people react to them as though they are.

(Granted, computer code exists while it's running, never say that it doesn't or your grandchildren will call you the 2050 equivalent of a racist)

But now, in order to sustain himself, Dr. Cosmos must explain why perfectly decent people need to use "Augmented Reality" to make money. This involves personally influencing marketers to invest in their own ability to digitally steer human emotions around events, experiences or brands.

Pretty cool!
But this web-log has traditionally been a forum for my disagreements with the misuse of media towards purposes of persuasion and control! I cannot say for certain that AR will make the world any better.

But it might.

It could allow us to share our thoughts in a more harmonious way. To create levels of cognitive balance unexperienced since the creation of the spoken word by providing our race with a better way to share the hallucinations/machinations of its respective personalities through time.

Wait okay hold up. So then why should advertisers be allowed to deploy AR-powered mass mobilizations? Why would we give them the tools to create reality-fortified propaganda?

Because thats what they get for their donation. Their patronage. Through their support of this essential experiment in human communication, corporate creative is helping to save the world one project at a time.

Buy it.


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