Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Racism Against Robots (Quickpost)

Sitting in my Philosophy and Computers class. People arguing that computers (AI) will never be creative like humans are. "Computers can't come up with a new way of seeing..."

Going to ask if there's a word for racism against robots. Here we go.

Talked about the infant in a white room experiment: child dies due to lack of stimulus. talked about creativity, my inability to communicate ultraviolet in art because I can't see it. Lamented that we are holding on to identity and authorship. Asked the racism question. Answer I recieve: something like Specism. (species-ism?) Carbon-centrism?

People laugh, but i got the prof's attention. He goes on to read poems written by A.I. and poems written by humans. No one gets them all right.

No one is trying to let go of their self-importance. It's hard, like pushups. We've gotta try harder to accept how cool our existence is even though we might not be IT.

And god damnit, when AI shows up my "wired" generation might not be willing to lighten up.


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Always Amaka said...

Nice to meet you Cos. I have no fancy nickname or anything... I keep it real. : )

This class has been bugging me so badly (even more so than my Freud class) because I feel some aspects are completely mind-boggling. Creativity has always been a touchy subject. I feel as humans we only like to reserve the notion of creativity for ourselves. However, I must say that if we grant computers intelligence, creativity etc than what the hell are we here for? If you look at it from a species standpoint once we create something to replace us, what is the point of our existence? Maybe we will become batteries like in the Matrix, who knows right?

Not to be paranoid or anything, but I feel once we create machines to be just like us, in fact, better than us than I don't see any reason why they won't destroy us. They will soon acknowledge we are utterly useless in the fact that we destroy the earth and almost everything around us. (yes we create life and beauty and art etc...computers can create a world with no war, no death, no hardship for themselves) I always find it BS in movies when the robots get together with the humans and co-habit. They have no reason to!